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Buck + Doe specializes in unique personal and home accessories, some found, some handmade, but always special. 

Husband and wife team Trae Gurley and Jessica Pope met and married in Savannah, Jessica an artist and Trae a jazz singer they started a life together in 2009 and have filled house and heart with love and curiosity. 

Jessica is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in printmaking and textiles. She gets her love of all things vintage from her parents, active artists, collectors and appreciators of any "good" that has a story.


Trae is an avid record collector, biography junkie and has come around to the fact that there will never be a blank wall in the house, nor will any room look the same from one day to the next! When he's not entertaining Savannah with his smooth voice, he can be found behind the sewing machine, stitching away the orders of the day. 

They have created a home filled with thousands of little curiosities and hope you will be inspired to curate your own collection of oddities for friends and family to admire! 


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